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We help you to run your business more efficiently.

We provide professional and pragmatic consultancy, training and coaching in three areas of expertise:

Leadership, Management and Organisation
Are we doing the right things, are we effective? Are our projects managed by professionals that are trained appropriately? Are operational and strategic risks and opportunities identified and adequately managed? Do we manage ... or do we lead?
Quality Management Systems
Are we doing things right? How can we improve our existing processes to use our resources more efficiently? What is the use of a Quality Management System such as ISO 9001:2015, how do we set it up and at what cost?
Swiss legislation on Chemicals
What are my company's obligations? When do we have to announce a "contact person", when do we need the permit "remittance of chemicals"? What are the prerequisites for shipping chemicals?

The course dates for the first part of 2018 are online: Click here for dates and inscription.